Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Ends

Yesterday we gave the baby (I mean... the two year old) a late nap, then got all three girlies dressed up to go trick or treating with their cousins.

When I asked Bunny what she wanted to be, her answer was the best costume I've made yet...
A girl knight!
The knight with two young princesses. Homemade costumes really are the most fun.

We all had a blast!

It didn't take long for this baby princess to get the hang of things!

The whole heehaw gang. Six adults, nine kids, and WAY too much candy.
We got sooo much candy that tonight, November 1st, The Switch Witch is scheduled to arrive. Thats right, my little sweeties are trading their overly sugared, processed junk, for a gift from The Switch Witch (they've requested art supplies). After the day we had today, I'm really thinking we should have done this last night. Too much sugar turns these girls into little halloween monsters. But better late than never. I am excited to get back to healthy eating. We all function a lot better with proper nutrition.

All in all, October was a rather lovely month. I am sad to see it go. But November brings a newness for which my heart has been longing. Onward and upward.

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