Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just A Mom

I have worked, at least part time, since I was 15. In the early years of our marriage, I brought in the majority of the income. When the babies came, I just added them to the mix of daycare children. When Squirrely was a baby, Papa got a better paying job, and could now completely support us on what he made. But it was not a permanent position, so I kept working just in case. When I was pregnant with Mousey, he finally got on full time, I worked full time though the rest of my pregnancy, but when she was born, I looked down at her and at my older two and knew I was ready to be "just a mom". I finished out the school year and then the summer. A couple of weeks ago, the last ones went to school. Ten months after I first decided, I am now "just a mom".

Going for a un with my big girl...

Funny how those words actually mean so much. How being less is actually being more.

Shopping shenanigans... 

I can remember when my mom was just a mom of three. Homeschooling and having adventures and living life with us. I think those are the best memories of my childhood. I often refer to those days as "the golden years". Not everything was perfect, and not everything was happy all the time, but when I think about the kind of mom I want to be, what kind of life I want for my girls, that is it. 

Those piggies though...

My biggest challenge is the internet. It can be so so so good and have so much help and information... But it can be so so so time sucking too. I need to be careful about that... I am better when I strictly limit my internet time. Right now it is rest time so I am ok... But I have to be careful because even good intentions can lead me astray.  

Sweet sisters...

For now, we are figuring a lot of things out. We've started homeschooling and it is going great. I want to get on more of a routine with housework. Since we live with my parents, I dont do really any of the cooking, so I feel like I should be able to get in a laundry and cleaning rhythm. I have been working on decluttering to make everything easier and flow better. 

Sooo helpful with the laundry...

We are also going back and forth to NC a lot. We have the eight hour drive down to an art (art can still be messy lol) and I am hoping to do a post about road trips with kids pretty soon. Now that I am not working, we have a lot more freedom and I am looking forword to the adventures ahead. 

God is good. I love my life!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Haul

We are in NC for the week and we decided to hit up some thrift shops in the area. This was my first time thrifting here and I was thrilled with the amount if thrift stores and the things I found. 

At the first store, my sister grabbed up this bag. 

I later found an awesome belt in her size and she ditched the bag in favor of the belt. I, of course, bought the bag, along with this tiny doll that my Squirrely fell in love with and named Stella (she names everything Stella). The bag was marked $4 and the doll was 50 cents. Everything was 20% off, so I got a steal.

(I think they look alike)

At the next store I found this little cropped sweater in my size. $4 :) 

The next stop was a consinment shop so the prices were higher, but I still found some things to buy.  The fairy necklace was a must for my girls. I basically bought the other, so they wouldn't fight over the one... And cause mom wants to borrow it from them lol. They were $8 each which was prob too much lol.

I also found a necklace and ear ring set for myself. $10

Nice loose, but not baggy t-shirt for half price making it $3.

I bought this top for Katie... She was out of thrifting money I just felt like it was too "her" to pass up. $7.

As we were leaving the consignment shop,  we realized there was another thrift store right across the street. We popped in. Not ten seconds in the door and I spotted these ear rings for a buck.

Kids clothes were only a dollar too, so I found a few things for my big girls. 

(They had to wear these dresses as soon as we got home)

As we were about to leave, mom and I both saw this blue dress at the same time. $5.  

(It fits me perfectly)


I had seen some bath towels that I fell in love with at the first store. They didn't match my bathroom at all so I reluctantly left them behind. While on the island that evening,I looked up and saw some towels hanging from a balcony. They could have been either bath towels or beach towels and it dawned on me that I could use the thrift store ones for beach towels too... So, while out with the hubs, I ran back in the first thrift store and they were still there! Two for a dollar, but the sale made them 85 cents for both!

They worked great!

Thanks so much for checking out my thrifting adventures!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To DIY For

On a recent date with Papa, we stopped in a thrift store. I found a pair of jean shorts, on a clearance rack for $1. They were too small for me, but I tend to pick up amazing things no matter the size because someone in my family can wear it. I had my sister, Katie, in mind. I also had a major refashion in mind. My dear little sister forced a fake smile, but I could see her disbelief that these "mom shorts" could ever be cute... Oh, ye of little faith!

I chopped off about two inches. I could have gone a little shorter, but didnt really want to make them into short shorts. It's a fine line between bermuda shorts and Daisy Dukes. I also took in the legs a bit cause the were really wide.

I distressed several places, but made sure that none of the holes would show too much skin in the wrong places.

Lastly, I cut triangles in the sides and sewed in some old lace to add a nice detail.
I washed and dryed them twice so all the distressing would fray. Popped them out of the dryer and voilĂ !

A success, if I do say so myself.

Her whole outfit was thrifted for grand total of eight dollars. I love it. She loves it... What's not to love?