Wednesday, May 13, 2015

And So It Begins

This Spring, Papa and I decided to stop putting off our dreams and start checking things off our bucket list. We have three beauitful girls, we are very content in that, and it is time to start living life with them and with each other, rather than acting like we are waiting for it to start.

Kayaking had been something he had talked about hundreds of times as something we would do when the girls were older. As soon as Miss Mousey was old enough to leave with Mom we decided to go for it... And by old enough to leave, I mean able to eat table food , drink from a sippy cup and not cry for me for a couple of hour stretch. Bunny was 16 months, Squirrely was 10 months, and Mousey was 7 months when I fist left them. Every baby is different...

Did I happen to mention how much I love this man? It's a lot...

Y'all, we had a BLAST!

We only stayed out about an hour because we wanted to have time to grab lunch out too, but we definetly want to go again sometime... Maybe we will try a double kayak next time, just for fun. Who knows? We might even buy one if we find a good deal.

Since Papa picked this date, I got to pick the next one... Zip back by sometime to find out what I picked!