Friday, June 26, 2015

A Gift of Love

I write this post with a full heart. My cup runneth over with love and pride. My five year old daughter, Bunny, has decided to cut off nine inches of her gorgeous golden locks to donate to Children With Hair Loss.

My little girl is not so little anymore.


The curls are still there, about which her Papa was worried.

She still looks as adorable as ever, though a bit more grown up.

Inspired by his little cousin, The Boy (after reading the donation form) asked to donate some of his spending money to buy a hat for a child with hair loss.

My almost three year old, Squirrelly, wanted to send her hair too, but it isn't long enough so she settled for decorating the envelope.

Sending out love to the recipients of these gifts. I hope you feel as blessed as I do.

For more information on Children With Hair Loss, or to learn more about making a donation click the link here:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

These Girls

Three girls... I never in my life thought I would have three girls. I was a major tom boy when I was younger and I assumed when I became a mom that it would be to a brood of rough and roudy boys... Maybe girls too, but definetly boys. 

I was well prepared for my role, having done daycare for five boys, ages four and under at the time that I got pregnant with my first. The 20 week ultrasound rolled around and my jaw dropped open. "Its a girl!", the tech said. Of course I was excited. She was my child and I loved her depite her gender. She was a fiesty one. Still is. I love her passion. She has a lot more guts than most boys her age. In fact, Bunny has informed me that she only likes older boys cause they play better. She is more rough and tumble than I ever was.

When I got pregnant again, I was certain it was a boy. I had very vivid dreams about it. So once again my jaw dropped when the ultrsound tech told me I was wrong. This time though, it took a second for it to sink in. I had to reimagine my whole life with two girls. Bunny and Squirrel. Squirrely basically came out wearing a tiara. Somehow, she is drawn to all things pink and frilly. She loves princesses and dances around and sings her little heart out. She marches to her own girly beat. I love her independence. She is exactly who she is, without any input from anyone else, including me.

With my last pregnancy, I finally accepted and embraced a life with little girls. I beamed from ear to ear when I heard, "Its another girl!" It just fit. She just fits. Mousey... I love her soul. I have absolutly no idea who she will be. But I think thats the amazing thing about girls. We can be anything we want. We can do anything we want. We can change the world. 

I find myself laying in bed tonight, surrounded (nearly suffocated) by these three amazing gifts God has given me. I am blessed beyond words. I am so excited to live this life. Oh the adventures to come...