Friday, October 21, 2016


I have recently been reading a book called Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World. In it, the Oola Guys talk about how sometimes we have to be unbalanced for a season, in order to focus on specific things. However, if the lack of balance lasts longer than three years, it is no longer a season, but a lifestyle. Being someone who seeks balance, I found this intriguing.

We currently own two homes and don't live in either of them. We have been renting our home in WV to my sister and her children, so that they could be close to family during and after her divorce. Meanwhile we have been living in my parents' house. There have been many times since living here, that my husband or I or both of us have wanted to move back to our own house. I'm sure there have been many times my parents have wished to have their house to themselves as well... We all get along great, but the situation with the layout of the house was never ideal for two separate families. Every time we would talk about it however, we knew that the timing was not yet right. First, my sister's children were still adjusting, then she and her fiancé found out they were pregnant with high risk twins, then she had newborn preemies, and I just never felt like I could in good conscience, ask her to move out. This past spring however, my sister and her fiancé started looking to buy a place of their own. Her older children are now all in school and the twins are over a year old and perfectly healthy. Just like the leaves slowly fall off the trees, things slowly fell into place. Seasons changed.

After nearly three years of living in limbo, living in neither of our homes, we are moving out of my parents house and back into our WV home. Even though in my dream world, we would be moving to NC full time, my heart is at peace with this. It is time to find a new kind of balance in the world we will live in now.

We are also entering a new season of life with our children. Our youngest will be two next week! For the first time, I am not already pregnant for another baby. We don't actually plan to have anymore, so this is really the end of an era for us. No more breastfeeding (she self weaned at 13 months), no more diapers (except for at night), basically no more baby stuff. I am sooo ready! I love babies, but we've basically been in perpetual babyhood for six years. I am excited for what comes next. 

What comes next is actually getting back to a lot of things that are important to us. Blogging is one of those things. My goal is once a week. Feel free to hold me to that, and call me out if I fail to meet that goal. 

It feels good to be back!