Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Blue Room

Papa and I have been slowing making our NC house a home. We started with a  total redo of  the bathroom, then painted the family room (still have some odds and ends to do in there), and now the girls' room.



 The bed was mine and Papa's. We upgraded to a king and I couldn't bare to part with it. It works well since this room will be shared by both Bunny and Squirrely. They are used to sleeping together in our bed, so it makes sense for them to feel more comfortable sharing a bed in their own room.

I got the netting on Amazon for around $10. A must have for every little girl's room.

The bedding was a Bed in a Bag from Kohl's. The fairy pillow we bought handmade/used. Mermaid and Horsey are Bunny's.

We actually have another little pillow by
Natural Life that my baby sister got for me. It goes with the room perfectly... When I came in to take pictures, it was no where to be found... I still don't know where it is... No clue...

The butterflies were a birthday gift to Squirrely. They just belonged here. Miss Mousey seems to think the should be lowered a bit for her convenience.

I got this vintage lampshade at Goodwill for a buck. I grabbed a $5 lamp at walmart to go with it.

The dressor, shelf and end table were actually pieces that were in Bunny's nursery (that she never slept in). I just gathered some secknd hand things and painting the to match.

Thrifted knick knacks and some art from ... fit here perfectly.

The bassinet I used for my wee ones is now a home for dolls. Walmart curtains and rod, and a bunting I made from scrapbook paper and twine... 

And on the opposite wall, a poster of one of our favorite quotes, finishes out the dormer space beautifully.
Needless to say, I'm in love with this space. The girls love it too. 

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